Web3 Incomes & Investment Streaming

What are web3 income streams?

Web3 income streams are regular cryptocurrency payments to users of web3 applications for their online activities. They can be anything from a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars or more per month.
People are already receiving web3 income payments for online activities like:
  • Play-to/and-earn gaming / GameFi
  • Social networking and content creation
  • Viewing ads and web browsing
  • Data ownership and sharing
  • dCommerce
  • Product input, surveys, microtasking and the gig economy
  • Sharing HD storage / CPU power on cloud networks
  • Participation in prediction markets
  • Peer to peer and back to grid electricity trading
... and much more.

What is investment streaming?

Investment streaming is the process of earning web3 income streams, combining them then having them automatically channel into DeFi in as close to seamless ways as possible.
While web3 income streams present web3 application users with great opportunities, for Amasa there are some key problems for the user that are solved by investment streaming.
  1. 1.
    Fragmented ecosystem > Automated aggregation: Amasa seeks to fix a fragmented ecosystem of many different tokens spread across different wallets and protocols by connecting these all to a single app in an automated way. This will make it easier to track, manage and access web3 incomes in the one place while discovering new streams and opportunities
  2. 2.
    Value volatility > Seamless stabilisation: Amasa will offer the option to automatically shield income streams against price volatility by automatic conversion to stablecoins. As an alternate option, users may be able to stake earned tokens to keep the underlying assets but still access yield opportunities.
  3. 3.
    Relative low value > Value acceleration: Amasa will then amplify the value of stabilised earnings by connecting to a range of DeFi protocols. Options will be vetted by experts and selected by a voting community. Available DeFi options can be chosen by a user and then the allocation and channelling of web3 incomes to these options will execute automatically.
“Combine. Stabilise. Amplify. All in the background of everyday life.”